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Can we prevent a leaky roof?

Leaky roofs are a common problem in many homes. Not only can we fix them, we can help prevent them with lead flashing. Lead flashing is one method of waterproofing vulnerable parts of a roof such as angles and joints. It’s just one of many solutions we have to make a better roof for you.

How can we fix faded, old and chipped roof tiles?

Bird Roofing can replace or repair damaged roof tiles. In some cases, an entire roof replacement is needed, but often we can simply repair or replace existing tiles, matching those that are still in good shape a fraction of the price of a new roof.

Can you help with our older style roof?

Older style roofs may appear to be complicated, but at Bird Roofing, we’re old-hat with old roofs. We’ve worked with all kinds of homes from the modern to the aged. We’re specialists with gable ends and ridge capping and we guarantee a professional, high quality job no matter the age or style of your home.


Things We Do Best
  1. Re-bed and Point Ridge Capping with Flexible Pointing
  2. Storm Damage Repairs
  3. Lead Replacement with Wakaflex Flashing
  4. Gutter Cleaning
  5. New for Old Roofs (Covers)
  6. Extensions
  7. Whirlybird Installations
  8. Experts in Hard to Find Leaks
  9. Tile Supply and Replacement
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